Here is the Master Fan List:

1 Elaine Abercrombie "Salud!"
2 Tony Askew "Collier Trio"
3 Susan Belloni "It's So Very Me"
4 Anna Campbell "View From Enchante"
5 Danae Campbell "Romantic Rose Bouquet"
6 Elaine Campbell "Heritage"
7 Elaine Campbell "Spanish Dancer"
8 Patricia Carlson "Fiesta Rose"
9 Patricia Carlson "Fan Flair"
10 Mary Collier "Bow Vent"
11 Barnaby Conrad "Matador"
12 Joyce Cooper "Amapola Poppies"
13 Joyce Cooper "Toros y Flores"
14 Joyce Cooper "Baile Con Abanico"
15 Steve Cushman "Sighs"
16 Entera "Children's Parade"
17 Paul Froemming "Around The World I've Searched For You"
18 Paul Froemming "The Love Fan"
19 Betty Hatch "Painted Lace"
20 Stan Hatch "Bring In The Clouds"
21 Sarah Collier Heatwole "Tropical Flair"
22 Ruth Ellen Hoag "Baile!"
23 Marilyn H. Hochhauser "Roses & Lace Cool the Face"
24 Charmaine Jacobs "Carmen"
25 Jevine Karys "Hearts and Flowers"
26 Paul Leasure "Senorita In Love"
27 Louise Levine "Isabel"
28 Anne Luther "La Fiesta"
29 Soosan Marshall "Day Of The Fan"
30 Soosan Marshall "Night Of The Fan"
31 Shirley Mueller "Queen of the Missions"
32 Teri New "Tecolote"
33 Teri New "Serenity"
34 Judy Nilsen "Reflections of Fiesta"
35 Rosaland Nordli "Temptation"
36 Hedy Price Paley "Enticement"
37 Cathy Quiel "Tropical Pond"
38 Suzanne Rapley "Very Tosca"
39 Suzanne Rapley "Bird From Paradise"
40 Bruce Richardson "Dancer's Fan"
41 Mitch Robles "Dawn, Mid Day, Twilight"
42 Joanne Rounds "Fan Dancers"
43 Angie Toyama "Tequilla Sunrise"
44 Unknown "Antique Chrysanthemum"
45 Thomas Van Stein "Moonlight Over The Courthouse"
46 Lee Wardlaw "Baby's First Fan"
47 Ron White "Wonderous Woods"
48 A. Cooper "Girasol"
49 From Madrid "Colibri"
50 From Madrid "Aurora"
51 From Madrid "El Bosque"
52 From Madrid "Nature"
53 From Madrid "Carnival"
54 From Madrid "La Roja"
55 From Madrid "Ole Ole"
56 From Madrid "Picasso"
57 From Madrid "Peace"
58 From Madrid "El Azul"
59 From Madrid "Las Rosas"
60 From Madrid "Midnight"
61 From Madrid "Sunset"
62 Sylvia & Laura Ronchietto "Andalucia"
63 Sylvia & Laura Ronchietto "Fantasia Espanola"
64 Sylvia & Laura Ronchietto "Fiesta Americana"
65 Sylvia & Laura Ronchietto "Fiesta Oriental"
66 Sylvia & Laura Ronchietto "Majorca"

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