Wining and Dining for a Good Cause  
by Lorraine D. Wilson  
Santa Barbara News-Press  
February 24, 2002    

Mark Kropczynski, executive chef of the El Encanto Hotel, provided a tasty   afternoon as he demonstrated the art of creating gourmet hors d oeuvres. Julia   Child offered comments and asked the chef questions as the tempting canapes   were served and Chef Kropczynski s recipes were distributed. Mrs. Child, the   author of The Art of French Cooking, is known as television s first Queen of   the Kitchen.   The Wine and Roses event was held in the spacious kitchen of Haley   McGuire, where 40 guests sat comfortably sipping wine and sampling the food as   the chef prepared it.   The unique experience raised funds for the John E. Profant Foundation for the Arts.   Champagne was served and Meridith Moore offered sweets made of   chocolate, coconut, strawberries, and other delights. Al Reese was at the piano as   people moved to the living room and the library to view paintings by the Oak   Group and jewelry presented by Carol Ridding and Wilfried Kowollik of Silverhorn.   Ms.McGuire was presented with a Michelangelo Award for her generous hospitality and support of the arts. We deeply appreciate the donations made by so many people, including Julia Child, Mark Kropczynski & the El Encanto, Meridith Moore, Michael Durie & The Oak Group, the Four Seasons Biltmore, Silverhorn, Al Reese, Larry Crandell, co-chairs Faye Eson and Sheryl Pike, and the Hutton Foundation.