Fiesta Finale was Perfectly Fabulous  

Santa Barbara News-Press
September 2, 2001
by Adele M. Wilkie, Montecito

What an evening it was. Fiesta Finale 2001 was memorable and exciting. The

program was of a quality that could be sent around the world on tour, and any

audience anywhere appreciating beauty, history and artistry would enjoy it.

It reached all audience members, young or old.


It was so artistically done with a real depth of feeling and character. Each   artist added his or her excellence to the show and it flowed effortlessly   with the rhythm and grace of a peak performance. The narration by Erin Graffy de Garcia was cleverly interwoven with the history of Fiesta from its early days   to present.   All of the performers were well chosen, with magnificent voices, talent and   costumes. For many of us it was the first time hearing the songs of early   California performed with such grace by Elizabeth Hvolboll and Luis Moreno. The   State Street Ballet s interpretation of Ravel s Bolero was well-staged and   performed with passion and vitality.   Mrs. Profant predicted the enchanting painting on the evening s program would   come to life, and it did. In the Courthouse Sunken Garden, under the light   of the full moon, art became reality. Marcellina de Luna, red flamenco   petticoats swaying, white fan swirling danced out of the magnificent shadowbox   setting and into our hearts with the spirit, passion and rhythm of Fiesta.   The art exhibit, with its painting and impressive new style of photography,   added to the ambiance of the event.   We are so blessed in Santa Barbara to have this tremendous amount of artistic   talent. This event showed the spirit of Fiesta at its very best.   The Profant Foundation is most deserving of our gratitude and support for   giving Santa Barbara the gift of this special evening. So much hard work and   planning went into putting on a show of this caliber. Here s a grateful gracias   and a heartfelt viva to Fiesta Finale 2001 and the the Profant Foundation.   May the tradition continue.



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