Talent Search WINNERS
Saturday, November 5, 2005
Fe Bland Theater - Santa Barbara City College

Winners - 3rd Place - DVD and future possibilities

To all participants - In gratitude for your contribution of time and talent, and your financial donation to Santa Barbara City College arts students, all participants will receive a DVD copy of their performance. These will be mailed out as soon as the editing, production, and packaging is complete.  Since this is being done by working professionals who are volunteering their time and talent, the mailing will probably be in the early part of 2006.   We hope you can use the DVD to further your career, and we will use it to illustrate one of our projects, and to share with others the vast array of talent we’ve encountered.  If you would like more copies (a donation of $10) for friends, relatives, sponsors or other participants in your group, send us a note using the Donation page (option on the main menu).

Additionally, (if your name is not listed below) a brief excerpt of your performance may also be included in the TV broadcast, depending on time available.

All photos and performances will also be reviewed by two agents who could not attend the live event.  They specialize in film, commercial and print and are looking for either actors or models.  Announcements will be posted on our website.

We encourage all performers to continue pursuing their dreams, and developing their talent.  Those who would like information about our Scholarship program, please check our website during the application period of February - April 2006.  If you would like another opportunity to join the Talent Search, sign up today for next time.  Those who would like to assist our organization in any way are encouraged to write us a note or call (805) 682-8184.

Winners - 2nd Place - TV Appearance
Winners of 1st and 2nd Place will appear on "The Santa Barbara Channels" (Channel 17 or 21).  This organization, which supports local culture and arts, will broadcast some of the performances that were filmed on November 5th.

Isabelle D'Arcy
James & Julia Deacon
Nancy King
Allison Lewis
Maria Poyer
Melanie Thomas
Gisele Marie Tremblay
Nicolette Vasquez
Young Singers Club

Winners - 1st Place - Referral and TV Appearance
A few participants will appear on TV and also receive a referral to a mentor, agent, or advisor. The judges have offered to provide these contestants a "next step" in their career.  Although no one can guarantee success, we hope to open doors for these talented individuals.

Brittany Battistini Vocal - contemporary Stranger in my house
Referred to smooth jazz DJ Mark De Anda for recording projects

Mathew Dahan Vocal - contemporary Jackson Brown
 Referred to Adderley School of Performing Arts for 50% off tuition

Heather Meurer & Joshua Faulkner Dance-swing Do You Love Me?
Referred to both Julie McLeod for consultation & Steven Lovelace for classes

Kenny Meza Musical theater  She Was There/Scarlett Pimpernel
   Referred to Musical Theater production company- "Killer Entertainment"

Alan Poyer Classical - Violin
     Referral pending - check back in 2 weeks

Edgar Ernesto Ramirez Classical - opera Granada
Referred to Marilyn Gilbert and Nathan Rundlett for connections in the world of opera

Jessica Spaw Vocal - contemporary God Help The Outcast
 Referred to recording studio to create a demo, donated by the Hutton Foundation

William Vasquez Classical - Piano Original Song
  Referral pending - check back in 2 weeks

Winner - Grand Prize $500 and Referral, and TV Appearance

Edgar Ernesto Ramirez Classical - Opera Granada

Special Thanks to Sponsors Participating As Performers:

Sara Miller McCune
Patricia Starr
Dr. Larry Williams

Congratulations to all, and many thanks for your contribution of time, talent and donations.  The wonderful, generous volunteers who made this possible include:

Music/Vocal: Dr. Mary Collier, Mark DeAnda, Marilyn Gilbert, Nathan Rundlett, Bob Scott, Jack Ullom
Dance: David Alvarez, Steven Lovelace, Susan Manchak, Julie McLeod, Diana Vandervoort
Theatrical: Barbie Burgess, Sara Miller McCune, Arlene Larsen, Milt Larsen, Ronnie Mellen, Joyce Shaar, Dr. Larry Williams

SBCC Representatives: Kay Bruce - Public Relations, Anna Lafferty - Media Arts Dept, Michael Stinson - Film Dept, Student Tammi Clenard - Poster Design, and SBCC alumni Meg Barbour - Film Editor

Profant Foundation Talent Search Committee:  Joyce Shaar - Chair, Rich Hoag - Producer, Eliane Alexandre - Talent Scout, Barbie Burgess - Event Planning, Mary Garton - Administration, Dana Hansen - Public Relations, Jen Mishkin - Administration, Gloria Montano - Media, Valerie O'Connor - Event Planning, Dave Raber - Administration, Edgar Real - Administration, Dor Stamphi - Audition Manager

We are interested in your feedback - Please send a note to jeprofant@aol.com